Best Scale Models provides you a high quality ship models. All ship models are museum quality handmade. You can buy a ship model or ask us to build a ship model for you. Shipping the model all over the world. There are ship models drawings and plans for all kind of modelers. Order a missing part of any ship model. Get free consulting from the Master of scale modeling.
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Model ship building

->Masts and yards
->Names of masts and yards
->Proportions of masts and topmasts
->The Mast
->Crosstrees and caps
->Bowsprit, sprit topmast, jib boom
->Proportions of yards
->The yards
->Spare spars; Studding sail yards and booms
->The Lateen yard and gaff
->Ropes and blocks
->Block strops
->Belaying pins    

->Bonnets and reefs
->Bending the sails to the yards
->Gaff sails
->Staysails, spritsails, furled sails
->Staysails, spritsails, furled sails
->Standing rigging
->Bowsprit gammoning
->The Bobstay
->Loading tackles
->The Stays
->The Sprit topmast backstay
->The Jib boom rigging
->Running rigging
->Halyards and slings
->The Parral
->The Lifts
->Development of the lifts
->The Braces
->Sheets and tacks
->Clew lines
->Gaff sails
->Studding sails
->Lateen sails


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